Pastors & Staff

Shihan (Rev.) Spencer R. Fusselman

Lead Pastor - Founder Shinja Kenpo Karate / Chief Instructor 

Shihan Spencer started as many do: in kid’s karate classes at the YMCA. Through high school he had begun cross-training from Shotokan as a Jr. Instructor in Shou Shu Kung Fu. After joining the U.S. Army, he had taken some Military Combative classes and Jujitsu, which re-awakened his karate passion.  He then expanded his karate training in Shaolin Kempo under Sifu Chris Dyer. As he rose to a Red Belt Instructor, he was transferred to Hawaii, where he was certified in Army hand-to-hand combat, and began training in the Tracy Kenpo System. After transferring to the Army Reserve, as a Chaplain, he earned 1st Dan in American Kenpo under Master Greg Cole.  

Through his military career, Shihan Spencer learned that a holistic warrior is one who is spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. Likewise, a holistic believer (Shinja) is one who is spiritually disciplined in the Word and in prayer, mentally disciplined to believe the truth while dismantling lies, and physically fit to follow where Christ may lead. As a local Pastor, he began work on blending his 17 years on the mats in various martial arts, (Shotokan, Shou Shu Kung Fu, American Kenpo, and Shaolin Kempo). Shihan Spencer also developed Shinja Kenpo Karate as an immersive Martial Arts and family discipleship journey, as a way to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual disciplines. Upon completion of the work, and international recognition of the Shinja Kenpo Karate System he earned 5th Dan under the tutelage of Grand Master John Enger of Shinja Martial Arts University who supervised the development of the art.

Sensei (Rev.) Patrick Anaya

Associate Instructor / Pastor

Sensei Patrick Started training in Kajukenbo in 1990. After moving away from the school, he spent many years through college studying several styles of martial arts.  When he discovered After the Christian Karate club and answered the call to ministry, he trained under Master Fusselman to earn an instructor-level credential, and eventually 1st Dan.  Sensei Patrick was ordained to the ministry in May of 2022 and has faithfully served the Lord in his combined passion for Martial arts and the Gospel, on and off the mats.

Sensei Rebecca Fusselman

Associate Instructor

Sensei Becca began her karate journey in the Rosales Kajukenbo system in 2011. Though it was initially a reluctant start, she quickly fell in love with martial arts. Over the years she studied and trained, earning her black belt and the title of “Sibak” in the Kajukenbo system in March of 2023, while cross-training In Shinja Kenpo Karate. Through her call to serve God and serve others, she was led into the Christian Karate Ministry, where she seeks to support her husband and honor God through the teaching of martial arts.

Sensei (Rev.) Rob Hitt

Associate Instructor / Pastor  (Greenville Location)

My martial arts journey or interest rather, began in 1973  when I was in the third grade. Our school held a book fair and I purchased two books; one on karate and the other on judo. It wasn't until the summer of 1979, that I enrolled at Sam Chapman's American Karate and began my formal training. In 1980, I enrolled at Billy Hong's Tae Kwon Do and earned my green belt the following year. I continued martial arts training in high school and trained temporarily in Goju Ryu Karate. In the summer of 1983, I trusted the Lord as my Savior and was saved. I continued to train off and on, in my "garage dojo". I entered Bob Jones University, to study for the ministry and it was there that I trained with Champions for Christ Karate Team and received my red belt. The latter part of last November / beginning of December, I got connected with Shehan Fusselman with the Christian Karate Club. This was definitely orchestrated by the Lord and I began my spiritual and physical journey in Shinja Kenpo. By God's grace and the support of many, I received my Sensei title and 1st Dan black belt in May of 2023, under Shehan Fusselman. Today, I am still seeking the Lord's will and guidance in martial arts and most of all, my walk with Him.