Pastors & Staff

Shihan (Rev.) Spencer R. Fusselman

Lead Pastor - Founder Shinja Kenpo Karate / Chief Instructor 

After training for over 17 years in various martial arts, (Shotokan, Shou Shu Kung Fu, American Kenpo, and Shaolin Kempo.)  Pastor Spencer R. Fusselman developed Shinja Kenpo Karate as a way to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual disciplines. Through his military career, he learned that a holistic warrior is one who is spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. As such, the modren Christian should be equally prepared for their spititual  battle.

Shihan  Spencer's  personal mission in life is to connect warrior concepts to faith in a tangible way. He is constantly developing ways to demonstrate spiritual disciplines through physical disciplines such as fitness and martial arts. He is finishing a Masters of Divinity at Sioux Falls Seminary with an emphasis on pastoral counseling and Post Traumatic Stress.

Sensei (Rev.) Patrick Anaya

Associate Instructor / Pastor

Sensei Patrick Anaya started his martial arts carreer in the kajukembo system. in 2005 he took a hiatus to attend Bible College.  As his family joined Christian Karate,  he felt the Lord caling  him to get involved with Shinja Kenpo Karate.  He began cross training under the tutalege of Shihan (Master) Fusselman  and earned his Black Belt in Shinja Kenpo Karate at the Shinja Martial Arts university under Grand Master Enger and Shihan Fusselman.

Sensei Becca Fusselman

Associate Instructor

Sensei Becca started her martial arts training in the kajukenbo system at age 15.  She currently holds a Black Belt in Kajukenbo, while deepening her knowlede of the Shinja Kenpo System. She has a passion for mentoring the next generation of women to embrace their God-given  purpose, beauty and strength while empowering them to encourage the masculinity of the men in their lives.