Our Story

How it all started...

When the church began, it had no home, It was without walls and without boarders. Where 2 or three were gathered, there was the church. It was disciples living life along side one another. Sharing in the fellowship of food and drink in one another’s homes. This was ‘the way’ true disciples were made, forged in the fires of mutual suffering through deeply authentic Real relationships with Gods people. And in fact this is still how disciples are forged. They are not forged sitting in comfortable chairs taking in a “worship experience” they are actively involved in the faith through real relationships. This is exactly the active faith we strive to forge within the International community of Faith Warriors!

Why a Warrior's Faith?

Now more than ever we need to begin to see more clearly that we face a spiritual war every day. And it's this spiritual war that bleeds into our physical world in more ways than we would care to admit. Peter writes, "8 Be alert and of sober mind.  Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9 Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings." (1 Peter 5:8-9 ) A good soldier on the battle field is vigilant, he knows what his enemy looks like, and sounds like. This kind of vigilance is what separates life and death on the physical battle field and this spiritual vigilance is what separates eternal life and death. Warrior disciplines transfer into spiritual disciplines and help us become more effective at accomplishing the mission of the believer, to make disciples, not excuses. 

Be a part of our story...

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