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What is Christian Karate? 

Shinja Kenpo Karate is first and foremost a discipleship art. It is an immersive journey designed to incorporate the entire family in the discipleship process rather than simply a repackaged karate system with bible verses attached. This system was built for discipleship and leadership training from the ground up.

After training for over 17 years in various martial arts, (Shotokan, Shou Shu Kung Fu, American Kenpo, and Shaolin Kempo.) Pastor Spencer R. Fusselman developed Shinja Kenpo Karate as a way to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual disciplines. Through his military career, he learned that a holistic warrior is one who is spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. Likewise, a holistic believer (shinja) Is one who is spiritually disciplined in the Word and prayer, mentally disciplined to believe the truth while dismantling lies, and physically fit to follow where Christ may lead.

The purpose of this ministry is discipleship. We will teach scripture while taking full advantage of physical fitness and how it transitions to spiritual fitness as practical application. This model will help students of all ages understand that their faith is more than just a private prayer or mind game but rather a full contact sport life skill that requires training and discipline.

We can't do this with out YOU! 

We are a 100% donation based program.

Recent Devotionals and Podcasts

Warrior Faith Devotionals and Sermons are a weekly scripture reading and exposition from a warrior's perspective. As Christians, it is healthy to remember that we are in a spiritual war every day. That war bleeds into our physical lives in every moment,  how we live our lives and the choices we make have life and death consequences for the people around us. We can either lead them towards the light or drive them further from it with a simple word. This Christian faith is as serious as war. further, the disciplines learned training to survive a war transition into the disciplines needed for a healthy Christian life.

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The Stand For our YOUTH WARRIORS - Christian Karate Club

Now more than ever our culture lacks purpose. We tend to survive when we should be thriving. To combat this we are taking a stand with our youth and families in fitness and martial arts programs that combine discipline with the hope, purpose, and passion found in God's word. These programs have been operating in a beta/development mode for the last year, and now is the time to take these proven and effective discipleship programs public. To accomplish this, and continue to offer quality martial arts and fitness training to youth and adults (at no cost to them) for the next year, we need to raise $65,000. This will cover the dojo/fitness center expenses, staffing, and instructor training necessary to take this program to the next level and see our community transformed one life at a time.
I humbly ask that you find it in your heart to consider a tax-deductible gift to this growing community outreach program. This would allow us to rapidly expand our impact in the community as it takes roughly $35 per month per student to advance us to the next phase and keep this project running. any one time or reoccurring gift of any amount is appreciated whether it's $25 or $25,000. Your gift will make a difference in sombody’s life.

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