Part 1

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Real quick! before the Study Guide!

This guide is intended to provoke further thought about the bible. It is intended for the student to do this quiz along with a parent or spiritual mentor.

We are not looking for RIGHT answers. Just REAL answers.

What is the Bible? On the surface level, it appears to be a collection of ancient writings and stories passed down from generation to generation, penned by Some 40 human authors, over 1500 years. Yet here is where it gets spectacular, it has one unified Story from start to finish. That story is God's love for his creations and the story of redemption.

Now to put that into perspective and why that is so amazing consider that the star wars film saga was written and produced in only 45 years and had only 8 different directors and could not keep ONE unified story through the entire process. That's just the movies, let's not even start with the books.

So If humans can't get their one storyline together over 40 years You've got to recognize that one storyline over 1500 years with 40 completely disconnected authors, yeah that's something to marvel at. And that is because God is the true author of the Bible, God divinely inspired each human author to write down His story for us exactly as he intended.

If we don't think the scripture is sufficient or the divinely inspired word of God, then can we anchor ourselves on?

The world wants you to anchor yourself on your own feelings as a source of truth. We will talk more about the dangers of this later but let me ask this; Can a boat anchor itself to its own bow? No, it has to be anchored to something outside itself, just as we need a source of truth that is bigger than what we are.

We need our faith to be based on GOD not what mankind has said of God.

To be anchored we must put our anchor on something solid, immovable, and never changing. And timeless.

The good news is we have this. It's the bible.

As much as we don't like truth sometimes, we have to admit that we can't function without it. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if 4+4 wasn't always 8.

You'd never get the correct change back at the store because the truth is relative therefore anything goes. Yet even though we want the truth to be relative when it is in our favor, we are still looking for something out there.

Something bigger than us and something real. We are looking for truth.

We view God's word as THE single authoritative source of truth in this world