Part 2

Real quick! before the Study Guide!

This guide is intended to provoke further thought about the bible. It is intended for the student to do this quiz along with a parent or spiritual mentor.

We are not looking for RIGHT answers. Just REAL answers.

Jesus Christ is without a doubt one of the most controversial persons to have ever walked the earth. Many believe he was and is the eternal son of God, others believe him to be a good man, and a great moral teacher even fewer believe him to have never existed. Through this study, we will analyze together the person of Jesus Christ.

First, did Jesus exist? There are records not only of Jesus' crucifixion but he is quoted in several ancient texts to include other religious texts such as the Quran. But who is Jesus? So let's break this down and start with who he is not.

The world will tell you that he was only a profit, that he was just a great moral teacher, or at its simplest idea, he was a good man, likening him to a male Mother Teresa... but in reality, Jesus is none of those single things, but so much more.

The gospels are very clear in that Jesus spoke of himself as the son of God, he performed many miraculous signs, brought the dead to life, and taught the truth of God authoritatively... So, since he openly claims to be God. We have a trilemma on our hands. He is either a lunatic, a liar or he is Lord. If he was a lunatic and believed himself to be god and yet was not, then the teaching of a lunatic would have done the most good this world had ever seen.

If he was a liar, and intentionally deceived the world... then is his teaching something to be trusted? Nor would any man be willingly put to death for a lie.

Not the liar nor the thousands of Christian Martyrs that follow him. Since I'm not about to follow a lunatic, or trust a pathological liar with my life, the only option is to believe that Jesus is who he says he is, and thus that makes him LORD. So what does the Bible say about him? Check out this video to find out!

All that being said, we can't merely think of Jesus as just a good teacher and moral man. Because since he claimed to be god he was either a liar, a luna or he is who he said he is ... and he is Lord of all.