Jun 9, 2023

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Nearly every historical culture has its conceptualization of the Warrior-Scholar. From the Romans, the Gladiators of Italy, the Spartans of Greece, to the English Knights of the Round Table, each had a concept of a Warrior-Scholar. The Japanese had the Samurai Warrior and the Ronin, Thailand- their Muay Thai fighters, and other far-away cultures like the ancient Hebrews in the land of Israel or more modern Habbani Jews of Southern Yemen known for their wisdom, weaponry, and warrior spirit. In today’s modern American culture, the Warrior-Scholar still exists in the form of our military officers. The officer corps prides itself on its ability not only to master the art of the battlefield but the conquest of constant refinement of their minds in seeking continual learning.

For us, The Warrior-Scholar is defined as one on a journey of consistently seeking to better themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's not only the willingness to fight for what they believe (principles, core values, or faith ) but the deep intellectual understanding of why they believe, embodied by the humility to graciously seek truth rather than opinion. 

This includes weekly challenges to think deeper about life and how we live it as well as essays on our core value for each belt promotion. These essays have the intent of helping students interact with and wrestle with each core value on an intellectual level. Warror-Scholars will explore how they experience it, and how they live it both as a martial artist and a member of society, further, how they personally benefit from the core value, as well as how society benefits from the way they live. 



Our original design for Shinja Kenpo Karate was developed as a bridge between the physical and spiritual disciplines. 

After training for over 15 years in various martial arts, (Shotokan, Shou Shu Kung Fu, American Kenpo, and Shaolin Kempo.) Pastor Spencer R. Fusselman developed Shinja Kenpo Karate as a way to bridge the gap between physical and spiritual disciplines. Through his military career, he learned that a holistic warrior is one who is spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared. Likewise, a holistic believer (shinja) Is one who is spiritually disciplined in the Word and prayer, mentally disciplined to believe the truth while dismantling lies, and physically fit to follow where Christ may lead.

信者 Shinja (Beliver, Christian)

拳法 Kenpo (Fist Law, General term for many styles of Chinese or Japanese martial arts)

唐手 Karate (kara, "Tang Dynasty; China” - te, "hand" as the art was originally transmitted from China to Okinawa, and thence to mainland Japan.)

Shinja Kenpo Karate is first and foremost a discipleship art. It is an immersive journey designed to incorporate the entire family in the discipleship process rather than simply a repackaged karate system with bible verses attached. This system was built for discipleship and leadership training from the ground up.

For belt testing clarification.

-Brown through Belt tests Must be in person.